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Food & Beverage

Automation Inc, will find you the best system for your needs. We will design a system that meets your specific requirements. Using the best automated lubrication systems in the world.


The Beverage industry is becoming more competitive, with the growing consumption demands 24-hour production that leaves little time for maintenance. So maintenance tasks must be done while the equipment is operating. Targeted equipment effectiveness is at or above 80%, but overall equipment effectiveness often falls to 60%, and machinery breakdowns dramatically affect availability. However, automating essential tasks like lubrication eliminates human mistakes, simplifies lubrication management, reduce lubricant consumption, and enhances line efficiency.

Many machines use lubrication such as: Blow Molding machines, washing machines, filling machines, conveyors, shrink and stretch machines, just to name a few. Each industry has specific lubrication requirements, with their own industry regulations that must be met to stay in business. The Automated Lubrication Systems meet and exceed these standards to make sure that your business stays running.

Choosing Automation Inc will help you take the stress from figuring out which lubrication system is best for your industry and its requirements. 

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