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Railway Solutions

Automation Inc, is an expert in installing Lincoln/Skf stationary and wayside rail lubrication systems. Having installed these systems to some of the major railway lines in New England. We can design and maintain the best system for your needs.

Rail wear and curve screeching or squealing has been a challenge for years for the railway system and surrounding communities. The Wayside lubrication system effectively applies a consistent and controlled volume of lubricant to the rail. The systems hold that grease or friction modifier in place, allowing the wheels to grab and carry it around the track. These High-viscous lubricants and friction modifiers help achieve the desired reduction of noise and wear.

These systems have high pressure, low-volume pumps that effectively cover the rail with just enough lubricant, minimizing waste. The Progressive pump-to-port technology (PTP) enables exact metering of grease, helping to ensure each lube port receives the same amount of grease every time automatically. Depending on the lubricant and application (gauge face or top-of-rail lubrication), the distributed lube is evident for miles beyond the lubrication station.


  1. High-pressure, low-volume pump ensures there is no clogging of lubrication ports

  2. System effectively covers the rail with just enough lubrication = no waste.

  3. Exact metering of grease ensures each lube port receives the same small amount of grease.

  4. Positive displacement design of divider block ensures a constant, metered volume of grease is delivered to each lube port regardless of back pressure or cold weather conditions.

  5. Each port receives equal amount of grease.

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