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Heavy Construction Equipment

and Various Yellow Iron
Komatsu HD785

Automation’s experience in the construction industry gives you a wide selection of high-performance lubrication systems for your construction equipment. With these systems lubricant can be supplied either manually, with a grease gun, or through a fully automated system using electric or pneumatic pumps and progressive metering valves.

There are so many factors in determining which lubrication system is best for which piece of equipment. Each piece of equipment has different component specifications that are required to have lubrication properly supplied to each lube point at the correct time intervals. Proper machinery lubrication is essential to keeping any operation running smoothly. Having an auto lube system reduces downtime, which is essential to a profitable construction business. The ROI typically equates to the cost of just one or two pin replacements.

There are Auto Lube systems for all sizes of equipment within the construction industry and other industries that use Yellow Iron Equipment. Automation Inc will make sure that the best system is chosen for your equipment.

Compact Equipment:

Smaller equipment such as skid steers, compact wheel loaders, compact backhoes, compact telehandlers, and compact tractors, all will benefit from compact auto lube systems. Space constraints mean that the auto lube system has to be compact enough to mount appropriately on the equipment but powerful enough to supply adequate volumes to critical lubrication points.

Deere 85G
Deere 85G Mini Excavator

Medium-sized Equipment:

Medium wheel loaders, medium excavators, medium dozers, dump trucks, rigid frame trucks, and directional drills to name a few. This size system typically requires progressive divider valves in the auto lube systems, and the pump reservoirs typically hold enough grease for an extended amount of time. Auto Lube systems of this size are small enough to fit well in the equipment but powerful enough to meet the higher demand from construction applications.

Cat Grader

Large Quarry, Aggregate, and Cement Equipment:

Large wheel loaders, large excavators, large dozers, off-highway trucks, and track drills to name but a few of the application equipment. The pumps that these pieces of equipment need have a reservoir that on an average can last 200-500 hours. These larger systems benefit from having a auto-fill shut-off valve attached to the pump so that the reservoir can be filled at ground level, eliminating the need to climb on the equipment.


Mining Equipment:

Mining Equipment is the largest category of off-road equipment; Extra-large loaders, super excavators, shovels, mining trucks, and blasthole drills. Since these pieces of equipment require the largest heavy-duty auto lube systems in the marketplace, pump reservoirs need to hold enough grease for to equipment to run 500+ hours. Mining equipment is a high-contamination application, meaning an auto lubrication system is critical to reduce grease contamination.

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