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What sets Automation Apart?

A Leading Specialist in Lubrication Systems.

Automation Inc, Service truck

"Automation Inc. is a company known for being problem-solvers and solution-providers. We are a specialty industrial distributor, focusing on automated lubrication systems and specialty hoses and fittings, with a strong emphasis on sales, service, and support."

Automation Inc is a Distributor of the two largest brands of Automated Lubrication systems in the world. We have over 50 years of experience to make sure you have the right system for your needs.

Why Automation Inc.?

Automation specializes in customer relationships, many of which date back to our Founding in 1966. Our skilled and experienced staff doesn't just sell a lube system, a pump, or a hose fitting. They partner with and stay with you until your problem is solved and beyond.

Automations Longevity: With over 54 years in Business, Automation Inc has grown to become one of the fastest-growing and largest Lubrication System providers in New England and New York. Bob Dodge (Owner/President) of Automation Inc has been with the company since 1988 and has the knowledge and passion for the products he sells.

Automations Reliability: Automation is an authorized distributor for some of the Major brands of lubrication systems such as Lincoln/SKF and Graco for New England and New York. As an authorized distributor for the construction market, Automation is required to have totally self-sufficient installation and service vehicles. Our installation and service trucks have everything required to handle a complete installation or service call, whether the installation takes place at a DOT garage or at the bottom of an aggregate quarry. We install anywhere! Mobile, Efficient, with no hassle installations.

Automations Service: Our skilled and experienced staff doesn't just sell a lube system, a pump or a hose fitting. They take the time to understand your project goals and develop the optimal money-saving solution for your specific situation. We offer value-added technical expertise that will match the right lubrication system to a client's specific needs.

Automations Safety: Automation Inc, also provides on-site training to the dealers and at the end user's facility. In addition, we run formal group training sessions for DOT and municipal foremen, mechanics and fleet managers, where our knowledgeable technicians explain the features and benefits of the systems.


Contact Our Team

707 Oakwood Avenue, West Hartford, CT, USA

Hours of operations: Monday - Friday 7:30am to 4:00pm

800-243-1862 or 860-236-5991

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